Aikido of Northampton

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O’Sensei referred to Aikido as The Art of Peace and believed it to be a way to harmonize with the universe. Aikido is not a sport and there are no competitions. Students train cooperatively to better themselves and each other.

All training is in partnerships with students alternating between the roles of 'nage' and 'uke.' Nage practices the technique while uke practices ukemi, or the art of falling. Aikidoists learn to harmonize and blend with attacks creating an art that is powerful, fun, and beautiful to behold.

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art developed by Morehei Ueshiba in the early 20th Century. Aikido students refer to Ueshiba as O’Sensei, which means Great Teacher.

Before creating Aikido, O’Sensei was a student of Judo, Kendo, and Jujitsu. After years of training he realized the futility of clashing force against force and walking a path of victory over others. In this new awareness, his technique and skill evolved to reach levels of astonishing power. In this time he developed Aikido, a new martial art intrinsically different from all that had preceded it. 

Morehei Ueshiba (O'Sensei)

“What we need now are the techniques of harmony, not those of contention.”

-Morehei Ueshiba